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My Name is Ona Judge

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New Hampshire, 1796

“My name is Ona Judge, and I escaped from the household of the President of the United States. I was the favored maid of George and Martha Washington, but they deemed me a slave and thought me property, and I hear ten dollars is offered as reward for my capture. Now I must write the truth that I have lived, and tell my story…”

Chincoteague, Virginia, present day

Rain soaks Tessa Scott as she runs from her car to the old, vine-covered property she has been called to survey. She’s too busy to accept a new job, but doing this favor for the grandmother of her childhood sweetheart delays a painful decision she must make about a future with her controlling boyfriend.

But when Tessa finds a tattered journal carefully hidden inside the house’s ancient fireplace, the tragic story of how Ona was ripped from her mother’s arms to live and work in the palatial Mount Vernon, and the heart-shattering betrayal that led her to risk her life and run, has Tessa spellbound. Could discovering this forgotten scandal at the heart of her nation’s history force her to confront her own story? As she races to reach the final page, will anything prepare her for the desperate moment when Ona’s captors find her again? Will it inspire Tessa to take ownership of her own life and set herself free?

Customer Reviews

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Michelle C.
A Must Read

Excellent riveting historical novel, I could feel the inner most desire of Ona to be free. Even in the mist of the most powerful family in the United States, she was alone, unloved and unappreciated. But like Tessa, she had the strength of a lion when it came to gaining her freedom and your true self.

Kate M.
Powerful Book

Really good book about Ona Judge, a slave for George Washington's household. The hardships and abuse that Ona and her family and friends endured is so sad. Present day Tessa has found Ona's diary and the stories are so rich. Great book that brings the horrendous acts done to black Americans that should never be forgotten.

Chitown Bookworm
Precious Memories

The inhumanity of slavery and the drive and hope of a better life is front and center in the story. The ignorance of well-meaning slave owners who haven't got a clue what its like to be looked at as property is driven home as well. Good read for the historical fiction reader.

Cheryl M.
Historical Fiction/Romance novel all in one!

One of my favorite authors...Ms. Suzette Harrison did NOT disappoint with My Name is Ona Judge. The story of Ona and her life with the Washington family was heartbreaking, thrilling and brought with it a sense of pride because of the STRENGTH my people had while enduring the hardships they faced. This was a Historical Fiction/Romance novel all in one! Bravo to Ms. Harrison!

Powerful Book

I couldn't put this book down! How it went back and forth between the lives of Ona and Tess. I am a history buff and from Virginia. It would be awesome if Ms. Harrison would write a book about Sally Hemmings who had children with Thomas Jefferson.

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