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The Birthday Bid

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It’s blackmail, blindfolds, and her fortieth birthday. How else would beauty influencer, Senaé Dawson, wind up at a bachelor auction? Whisked away without a say, her besties treat her to a birthday bid at an auction featuring decadent Black men. Inevitably infected by the hype, Senaé’s excitement hits hyper drive until the blindfold’s removed from her eyes. She’s dumbstruck to discover she’s just “bought” her ex-husband.

Lexington “Lex” Ryde turned his love for cars into a multi-million dollar private transportation business serving Black Hollywood’s A-list. His line of work taught Lex to be prepared at a moment’s notice. But seeing his ex-wife face-to-face for the first time in twenty years leaves him feeling as if “sucker-punched by Tyson and Holyfield.” Thanks to their problematic past, neither is pleased with this bachelor auction “ridiculousness”, or the instant flare of hot, sexual attraction erupting between them. But being Mama Peaches’ first foster child, Lex can’t renege. He's stuck with the auction results...and the unpleasant truth that he's still in love with his ex.

Take the ride with Senaé and Lex! They’ll confront a painful past, consider their present, and encounter an unwanted admirer who must be dealt with.



Publisher: SDH Books

Date: 4.4.2019

Length: 185 pgs.

ISBN: 978-1733721721 

*The Distinguished Gentlemen is a collaborative anthology featuring other authors and can be found wherever fine books are sold.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Kindle Customer
Good Read

I love the story of rekindled love. I couldn't put book down. Good read from start to finish. Love the main characters chemistry.

Rightful Second Chance

I really enjoyed this romance with suspense. Senae is whisked off and blindfolded by her girlfriends for a fun 40th where her friends bid on a bachelor auction as her date. Unbeknownst to her friends, it is Senae's ex husband Lex. Lex is only at the auction at the request of his foster mom. What ensues is a look back as to where they loved each other, lost each other and rekindled what couldn't be stopped with a few nuts thrown in the mix. Really good read by a new author I plan to follow.


Those two were on fire. It wound up being such a sweet story. The ending was perfect. I wish I could read more about them I really liked the characters.

Beautiful Story of Healing and Forgiveness

The love between Senae and Lex was beautifully palpable and felt so real. This is a beautiful story of dealing with pain, righting wrongs, forgiving and that there can be a love so true between to people that neither time or distance can diminish it. Senae and Lex grieving together helped them to forgive and move forward to recapture what they could never find in any one else but each other. Sometimes a substitute just won’t do. Excellent read!!

Lisa S.
Great Story!

I couldn't but it down. When I was at work, I listened. When I made it home, I read. Such a great storyline, very intriguing and a excellent build on the basketball and ballet story. I have to know what happen with Senae and Lex.

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