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The Girl at the Back of the Bus

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I watched in awe as Miz Rosa stopped those men on the bus with her clear, calm “no” and I thought about that word. What if I said no? What if I refused to follow the path these White folks wanted for us? What if I kept this precious baby?

Montgomery, Alabama, 1955
On a cold December evening, Mattie Banks packs a suitcase and leaves her family home. Sixteen years old and pregnant, she has already made the mistake that will ruin her life and disgrace her widowed mother. Boarding the 2857 bus, she sits with her case on her lap, hoping that the driver will take her away from disaster. Instead, Mattie witnesses an act of bravery by a woman named Rosa Parks that changes everything. But as Mattie strives to turn her life around, the dangers that first led her to run are never far away. Forging a new life in a harsh world at constant risk of exposure, Mattie will need to fight to keep her baby safe.

Atlanta, Georgia, present day
Ashlee Turner is going home. Her relationship in ruins, her career held back by prejudice, she is returning to the family who have always been her rock. But Ashlee’s home is not the safe haven she remembers. Her beloved grandmother is dying and is determined to share her story before she leaves…

When Ashlee finds a stack of yellowing letters hidden in her nana’s closet, she can’t help the curiosity that compels her to read, and she uncovers an old secret that could wreak havoc on her already grieving family. As she tries to make sense of what she has learned, Ashlee faces a devastating choice: to protect her loved ones from the revelations, or honor her grandmother’s wishes and follow the path to the truth, no matter where it may lead.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Vera R.H.
Great Read

This was a great book to read. I normally don't read book that are very long but I heard about this book on a talk show and decided to get a copy. I enjoyed it.

Rosette S.
Excellent Read

Great book on history but told in a manner that is captivating. I love the mixing of hearing from the different generations.

Kindle Customer
She Goes To The Front

The writer weaves a fine web of a story and before long you don't mind if you are caught. This is a well written story that transitions between the past and present so so effortlessly. The things that happen to our Mattie shows how the will to overcome wrongs done to you can turn your world on its ear for generations. This was and is a wonderful way to spend your day!

Kindle Customer
Very Good

This author knows what she is doing she writes a good book. I like all her family perspective and values that show through in her story telling

Amazon Customer
Connection Through History

So much history in your book. These are the books our young and old should have to read. True and correct history can never be forgotten. Thank you for truth.

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